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Have Love Will Travel- Day 3

We left Twin Falls, ID early in the morning. We decided to take a drive through their downtown. This little VW parking lot beckoned us to stop.

Some dark clouds rolled in early. Very threatening they were!

When you travel on back roads and through small towns you find great buildings like this! Why don’t we make signs like this anymore?! Signs now are cheap and dull.

Utah welcomed us with some big dark clouds.

Make sure you gas up!!

We were going to be traveling on a 100 mile stretch of old railroad grade. The road is all dirt so we were super happy to see those dark rain clouds give way to blue sky and sun!

This is the beginning of the 100 miles of railroad grade.

Get in the car and let’s go!

You can drive on most of the old railroad grade except for a few areas that have been routed around some old and brittle train bridges and washes.

See the jackrabbit bounces away? That’s the first jackrabbit I’ve ever seen in real life!

Here’s the long gone town of Terrace.

Terrace is the most intact town on the 100 mile stretch. There’s not much here, but there’s more than other ghost towns along the railroad grade.

Horned toad!

The desert really does get THAT dry.

I spotted this piece of an old glass bottle near Terrace. The only text you can read on the bottle says “Utah.”

This is where we almost got stuck in the mud last year! We had to off road in the Yaris and push our way through some sage brush. This year it was quite a bit drier so no off roading was required!

Utah is famous for it’s arches. We even spotted a few on the back roads.

At the end of the dirt road is the Golden Spike National Monument. This is where the last spike was driven for the first transcontinental railroad in the US.


Near the Golden Spike is the Spiral Jetty. This was our third time visiting the lovely earthwork. The Spiral Jetty was designed by the artist, Robert Smithson…not to be confused with Robert Smith…although he’s wonderful too.

The Spiral Jetty sits in the Great Salt Lake. I love the pinkish water!

Eric and I hiked to the top where that sweet boy asked me to marry him! Note the jackalope in the lower right corner.

The Great Salt Lake can be nasty in some areas. People do swim in parts of the lake though. Next time we’re near Salt Lake City I must swim in it!

There’s the Spiral Jetty.

We drove a some more old railroad grade leaving the Golden Spike area.

We met our friend and host Mandy at Long Life Veggie House in Salt Lake City for some vegan Chinese food before heading to her house for the evening. To Fu World!

“It”s an entree? It”s a dessert? May be both!”

Every time we’ve visited SLC we’ve stopped here for food first thing. Tradition is nice!

SLC is tucked in the mountains with wonderful skies! SLC has some great old neon too! Probably the best neon I’ve seen in a town overall!

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10 days, 11 states and 4,855 miles later…we’re home!

We left Rapid City, SD yesterday at 5:30 am and we made it to Everett, WA at 12:45 am today. Add an hour to that drive time because of a time zone change too!  We were going to camp for the night in Spokane, WA, but at that point we only had 5 more hours of driving so we decided to try to make it home.  We both agree that we NEVER want to drive 1,278 miles in one day again!  We took turns all day driving, but Eric did drive more miles than I did.  The last 100 miles were the worst.  We stopped about four times to stretch and use the restrooms.  Eric was a trooper and finished off the drive home for us!

You may have guessed it from the photo I posted a few days, but Eric proposed to me overlooking the Great Salt Lake at the Spiral Jetty in Utah!  I did say yes!

I’m still sorting through photos since we took about 2,000 photos.  It’s rather crazy.  I need to be pickier next time before taking the shot.  It’s just so easy to snap away and not really think about the sorting you’ll have to do at the end of the day!  I’ll slowly be posting photos from our trip so stay tuned!

Overall we had a great trip!  There were a few stressful moments during our travels, but looking back on the trip now those aren’t that parts that stick out for me.  I am super bummed that I have to go back to work tomorrow!  Why do we do this to ourselves?  I would rather be on the road than printing shirts for someone’s football team.  It’s true!  Juniper was kind of scared when we came home last night.  She was sleeping under the bed and I don’t think she was expecting someone to be in the house so early in the morning.  We had some friends come by to feed her and check on her but she mostly had the house to herself while we were away.  She had a puffy tail and was shy for a few minutes after seeing us last night.  She crawled into bed with us right away and cuddled up by my neck.  She started to purr and stayed with us the whole night!  Today she slept on my lap for an hour and a half!  I think she really missed us and I feel so bad for leaving her at home!  Have you ever traveled with a cat?  I would really love to take her on trips with us, but I just don’t know how she would like it.  Anyone have any suggestions on traveling with cats?

Temple Square in Salt Lake City, UT.

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This happened yesterday overlooking the Spiral Jetty and the Great Salt Lake in Utah!!


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