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Sun + beaches + cameras = A Fan-Dabby-Dozy day!

Today it was sunny!  It’s a rare sight during the rainy winter months in the Northwest.  We took advantage of this and went for a drive to a few beach parks north of us.  We stopped at Kayak Point Park and a State Park on Camano Island.

The snow geese have arrived!

While driving through Stanwood, WA we spotted a kettle corn stand. We pulled over and dug through the car to find change. I’m really bad at keeping cash on me. Thank goodness for the quarter stash I found in my glove box!

Kayak Point Park.

Kayak Point wasn’t all that exciting so we quickly jetted to Camano Island. Look at that blue sky!

No one was living in this.

I love how barnacles just grow on anything and everything.

Barnacles galore!

Eric went in search of the best skipping rock.

The wind up.

And there it goes! Can you see the little rock in the air?

That’s a double skipper!

Of course since it was sunny we brought an arsenal of cameras with us! I think we both had three cameras with us. This was one of Eric’s Land Camera shots. How was your weekend?

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