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Day trip to Frenchman Coulee and Taunton- part 1

Yesterday Eric and I went on our first day trip to central Washington this year! I love the Washington desert! I took about 230 photos and I’ve whittled it down to 125 or so to share with you. I’m going to split our day into two separate blog entries so you’re not overwhelmed with photos! Also, Eric and I have a travel blog called Hey I’m Over Here. Click the link to visit our travel blog for even more fun and photos from our trip. We have a Facebook page for our travel blog too! Feel free to like us to stay up to date on our adventures!

We headed east on I-90 through Snoqualmie Pass. As you can see they still have a ton of snow in the pass. And that snow isn't piled up snow from plowing...that's just normal snow fall that hasn't melted!

These are ski cabins for rich people. I bet they don't dig themselves out.

In Easton, Washington we spotted this guy. Eric's a train guy so we stopped for some photos.

We were even able to walk inside of the train car!

This was also in Easton.

Roslyn, Washington. This is where Northern Exposure was filmed!

Roslyn had some fun murals. I think this one looks like Ron Swanson from the show Parks and Rec!

Marlon Brando.

Back on the road we spotted some windmills. Over the past few years Washington has been installing more and more of these in the central part of the state.

We were chasing down this train to snap a shot of it with Eric's Holga camera. A stop sign in the middle of nowhere made us abort the operation.

More windmills. There was a visitors center for the Wild Horse Wind Farm. Apparently that's what they're calling the windmills. We stopped by to check it out though.

These things are huge!

The drive to the visitors center was three miles out of the way, but we've driven longer distances to see less exciting things!


In the distance to the right you can see Mt. Rainier. And in the distance to the left you can see a tiny bit of Mt. St. Helens!

Mt. Rainier.

Mt. St. Helens!

It was warm and sunny and windy on the top of the hill.

Hedgehog cactus! See them there in the middle of those rocks?

Look how big the propellers are! Scary big I might say!

We brought Mighty O donuts along with us on the trip! It was donut time after we got back to the car from the visitors center.

Here's the Columbia River! There used to be a ferry here so you could cross the river. That was many many moons ago and now there's a big fancy bridge to take you to the other side.

This is looking down the Columbia. The fancy bridge is way off in the distance.

Old ferry waiting lines.

We drove a short distance to a higher elevation, but in the same area, to go to the Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park. Those chunks on the ground are actually petrified wood!

Petrified wood and desert flowers.

Looking up the Columbia again. Those trees at the bottom left is where the ferry used to pick up the cars.

We had petrified wood here AND petroglyphs!

These are not their original location though.

These were originally a few miles north of here.

Someone decided to build a dam and if these were still in their original location they would currently be under water. Dams are destructive.

These are just awesome!

More chunks of petrified wood.

The Ginkgo Gem Shop is right beside the Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park. They have a store, but behind the store they have a bunch of rocks and petrified wood that you can sort through and buy!

Petrified wood! We have a piece of petrified birch wood we bought a few years ago.

And of course the gem shop has some dinosaurs in front of their building!

Dinosaur friends!

A lovely day, no?

Come back for part 2 tomorrow!

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16.5 hours of travel today!

I’m just checking in to say hi today, but I’ll be back tomorrow with a fantastic post for you! Eric and I traveled through central Washington today. We saw desert flowers, coulees, some nice cows and I even have a little sunburn! See you tomorrow!

Sun and fun!

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