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More packages!

Today was another fabulous mail day! I don’t know about you, but I love getting letters and packages in the mail. When we get mail though it’s not just for us…it’s for Juniper too! She demands to hop in every box that comes through our door. She will check out envelopes and junk mail for us too. You never know…maybe we missed something!


Fantastic packaging! I can’t tell you what’s inside though. You’ll find out the day of the wedding. Hold your horses!

Last week I had a treat yo self moment from Cisthene.  I’ve been eyeing some bangles for a few weeks.  I just went for it.  Treat yo self!


I love fancy packaging! I don’t like snakes though so the faux snakeskin creeped me out a little bit. I can appreciate it though!




Juniper thought it was for her. She tried to pick the bracelet up in her mouth after batting it around a bit.


Eric and I took a little drive tonight to a park that we had never been to before. The park seemed pretty nice from what we could see. There were trails around a marshy area, but you had to park about a half mile away and walk to the trails. We decided not to do this since it was starting to rain. You’d think we’d be used to the rain by now. We did find some lovely blooming flowers and bushes near the trails!

Happy Thursday!  Come on Friday!

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A good mail day!

A package arrived in the mail today from my great friend Ashley! There was a small box, two notes and a bag of pressed pennies. I collect pressed pennies. I’m betting I have at 150 of them at this point.

Ashley grew up in the same town as me. She moved to Oregon a few years ago, but moved to Florida last year. When she would visit us in Seattle I would always make pizza. She misses us AND my pizza 🙂

I opened the box to find a beautiful necklace that Ashley made for me!

Ashley has a new Etsy shop, Sailor’s Omen, where she sells her handmade goods.   Click on the link below this photo to visit her shop! I have at least 12 necklaces and pairs of earrings that she’s made me over the past few years. I wear something she’s made almost every single day!

Sailor’s Omen on Etsy!

Follow Sailor’s Omen on Facebook!

I put that necklace on right away and I haven’t taken it off since! I had a bad day today. It was a bad day at work and then I was cranky at home. When this sweet package arrived from Ashley it really made me smile! It’s wonderful how a kind gesture can be so uplifting!

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‘Tis the Season.

I sent out a ton of mail today!  And only one item was a bill!  Happy Monday!

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USPS hates delivering my mail properly.

A few weeks ago this arrived in my mail box. You DON'T care USPS...I just know it.


My squirrel postcard was violently ripped in two during its journey to the US.


Today I found this laying on the sidewalk a few feet from our walkway. The mailman dropped this today! How dare he! And it was raining. Why do you not care about my mail USPS? And I hope you like my pumpkin pants!

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