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Merry Christmas, Me!


Along with many fun things I received for Christmas, there were some gift cards. One was for Etsy. I knew exactly what I would buy with it! A faux longhorn cow skull. Maybe it doesn’t seem very vegan of me, but I’ve been wanting one. The crazy horse lover and romanticised cowboy lover in me has been wanting one for a very long time. And since I’m a fan of obnoxious colors…metallic silver is was.

I bought my skull from this Etsy shop.  She was super helpful and even used a custom color for me at no extra charge!


I used to collect Breyer horses when I was a kid. This is a horse that my Grandma gave me.


Sometimes the crazy horse girl side of me comes back and then I make purchases like this at the thrift store. It needed a home!


The skull is actually make out of a lightweight resin. Yee haw!


I’m making a little altar with my horse and cow tchotchkes. An altar worshipping what?…you got me…I just don’t know really what else to call it!


While I was hammering away this afternoon I heard some rustling behind me.


Surprise! It was my little American Tourister!

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