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Pier and Market Day.

It was supposed to be sunny on Saturday. If the fog and clouds weren’t hanging on I bet it would have been sunny! We do know how to make the most of a sunless day though.


I rode the Ferris Wheel this past summer when it was sunny. You could see Mt. Rainier, the Space Needle and the Cascades. I can’t imagine a Ferris Wheel ride on a cloudy day would be super fun.


Here’s the real reason for a trip to the Pier!


Under the Ferris Wheel on Pier 57 there is a wonderful carousel! I do love me some carousels. My favorite one is the Grand Carousel at Knoebel’s Amusement Park in Pennsylvania. They have gorgeous hand-carved wooden horses, that I think are 100 years old. Even though the carousel horses in Seattle are fiberglass, they are gorgeous just the same.

I recently backed a project on Kickstarter to help restore the world’s only Cowboy and Indian Carousel.  The carousel is in Buffalo, Wyoming.  The project WAS funded!  Eric and I are planning to visit the carousel this summer on our drive back to Pennsylvania.


We watched the carousel for a bit before deciding that we should ride it too.


Giddy up!


I love how gaudy the horses always are.


There is a horse with similar armour at the Knoebel’s carousel. When I was a youngin’ I thought it looked like a seahorse. No seahorse…just some armour.


Eric’s horse.


My horse. Hello, Beautiful!


I think Eric and I were the only adults on the carousel. I have no shame!


I picked a wild horse for the ride!


It actually wasn’t too busy around the Pier so we decided to head up to the market.


And up through Post Alley.


Post Alley is famous for this.


Nasty wall.


The market was oddly not busy. We were able to snap some film shots too! And…no people were in the shots. Sometimes you just want a humanless shot.


I like the naked Trick or Treat kitty ladies.


Market time.


Cinnamon Works sells massive vegan cookies. Look how big they are! They also sell vegan muffins aaaaaannnd vegan cinnamon rolls! We couldn’t say no to a cinnamon roll.


On the way back to the car, look who we saw walking down the tracks.


Oh my goodness look at that cute little guy! You usually don’t see raccoons out during the day, but he really seemed like he knew what he was doing. He quickly and safely crossed the road and hopped in the water. I have a feeling he comes out during the day because he gets many sweets and goods from tourists. Pier and Market success for everyone!

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Out in the city.

Today was an exploration day in Seattle!  I took so many photos today.  I’m going to split the day up into a few blog posts because I know you don’t want to sit through a million photos in one post!

We had brunch at Wayward to start our day of fun!  I had my Diana Mini with me today for some black and white film experiments.  The Diana has not been functioning properly for a long time.  Eric examined it last night because I thought a part on the inside was broken or stuck.  No it was was not broken or stuck, but he thinks that I haven’t been advancing the film properly.  Sigh Diana, sigh.  I’m giving it one more shot!  Treat me well, Diana!

Other stops today included Pier 57, the carousel!, Post Alley, Pike Market and Carkeek Park.


The new Ferris Wheel near Pier 57.


Cinnamon Works at Pike Market sells cookies as big as dinner plates and huge cinnamon buns. We of course couldn’t say no to a cinnamon bun!


This is the biggest shell I’ve ever found at Carkeek Park! No one was living in it so I brought it home with me. I think I might put a small plant in it. Good finds and a good day!

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Seattle Ferris Wheel with Ma and Pa!

Yesterday was my parent’s last full day in Seattle. We decided to take a spin on the new Ferris Wheel by the piers.

It was super sunny and about 80 degrees!

Pretty blue.


The Ferris Wheel is kind of pricey, but I think it’s something you have to do at least once while in Seattle. We only had to wait about 15 minutes in line as well.

Yesterday was this gal’s Birthday! Everyone in line sang Happy Birthday to her.

View from the top. If you look closely you can see Mt. Rainier in the background.

Herc and Smartz.

Ma and Pa!

Eric was taking a photo of the Space Needle.

That seagull was trying to break into the air vent!

We also saw some harbor seals playing in the water. You can kind of see them in the center of the photo.

It was a warm summer day and those pigeons were cooling off their little feet!

I took my parent’s to Wayward Vegan Cafe for some dinner! This was their first time there and I think they liked it! My parent’s are troopers when it comes to trying new foods that are VEGAN!! Yay vegan!

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