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Today wasn’t a horrible day, but it wasn’t a good day.  I was mega-tired and cranky.  Also I realized halfway through my workday that my underwear was inside out.  Eric so kindly pointed out that my panties were literally in a bunch.  True story.  And just for the record, I don’t even like the word “panties.”

A few things managed to brighten my day though.  I elliptical-led (how do you use that word?!) 4.25 miles after work.  Sweet sweet sweat to make the cranky go away.

I’ve been hesitant to list to St. Vincent and David Byrne but I finally did it today!  I love David Byrne, but I was skeptical.  This is fabulous!  David Byrne is 61 and is as dreamy as ever!  Shake it boy.

I also made chocolate chip cookies after dinner tonight.  Suck that one bad day!


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Friday night. As told by my cell phone.

Last night was a Seattle night!  I didn’t feel like hauling around my cameras though.  My cell phone will tell the tale of the evening!

I had a dentist appointment last night.  I really don’t mind going to the dentist, but I was nervous this time!  I woke up early in the morning on Friday and I was thinking about going.  I’m always kind of paranoid that the dentist is going to tell me that he needs to pull all of my teeth or something scary like that.  I had my very first cavity last year and now I’m freaked out!  When I get to the dentist though I’m completely fine.  Last time I was there for a cleaning I started to fall asleep.  The dentist had to tap me and tell me to open my mouth.  ZZZZZZZZ.

I go to Creation Dentistry in the Ballard neighborhood in Seattle.  I highly recommend my dentist!  He’s super gentle and knows what he’s doing.  He complimented me on my teeth yesterday and said I take such good care of them!  Yay for not having to have all of my teeth pulled!  He even gave me a discount since I was so easy to work on.  Brush and floss them teeth!!


This made in the USA toothbrush was my reward for having clean teeth!


Eric and I have a ritual of going to Bamboo Garden after dentist appointments. I had some corn chowder.


Shanghai style rice pasta. #109.


After our vegan noms we went to Easy Street Music and Silver Platters for some record shopping. Easy Street has two stores in Seattle and they are closing the location we went to at the end of the month. That was probably the last time we’ll ever be there. Kind of sad. Silver Platters also sells new and used books. I was looking through the travel books and I found two gems. A book by David Byrne from Talking Heads and a book by John Muir!


I found some organic and Fair Trade chocolate at the grocery store. I was in need of chocolate. Theo is a Seattle-based company too.


We spotted the Space Needle poking up behind Silver Platters. The 12th Man flag was flying atop the needle. The Seahawks play tomorrow so Seattleites seem to be excited. Good Friday in Seattle!

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