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We ended 2012 on a wonderful note!

The past two or three years have been quite meh for me. 2011 was the worst. Ever. 2012 made up for that and then some!  We traveled so much.  Camped more than we ever have.  Cooked more, and different, meals at home, and just had a great year together in general.  Yesterday we drove north to Bellingham, WA for a final day of photo taking and food in 2012.  Ok, so we mostly drove an hour north to get a tofu sandwich at the best co-op I’ve ever been to, but we still had fun along the way!


This little turnout is on Chuckanut Drive. The narrow road winds along the sound with fun views of the water. It was along this road that we walked to the beach where we saw the purple starfish earlier this year.


A winter day near Puget Sound.


We pulled over here to snap a photo of something across the road, but we noticed a plaque on the rock.


Dedicated to the memory of Governor Lister by the Ladies Improvement Club of Edison, Washington.


Western Washington University is located in Bellingham, WA. We were there before to check out their sculpture park. Eric found out that they also have an arboretum you can drive through. This canopy of trees greeted us as we started on the drive!


There was a parking lot at the top of the hill. There was also a tunnel and an observation tower. Both sounded like fun so even though it was cold and flurrying and went for the short hike.


I love the moss on the trees in Washington.


The tunnel was originally made for cars!


Made in 1923.


Eric is document the location of the photos he took with his Polaroid Land Camera.


And there’s our observation tower!


The view from the top wasn’t all that spectacular. It was cloudy and foggy, but I’m sure in the summer there’s a much better view!


On our way back to the car we walked through the tunnel. This was the other side. Note the clearance sign at the top of the tunnel.


There’s some of that lush moss I was talking about.


And the reason…one of the reasons…for driving to Bellingham! I know it doesn’t look like much, but this is one of the best things I’ve ever consumed! I think we need to try to make these at home. They soak their tofu in tamari and ginger. There’s also lettuce, tomatoes, mustard and vegenaise on there. SO GOOD!


The co-op also makes these massive vegan truffles. We bought four of them so we could eat them today too! I found a pretty good recipe for truffles that I want to try very soon!


We drove around the city taking photos for a bit while the sun was out…a rare sighting this time of year! There’s an antique shop that we always stop at in Bellingham too. I found this goofy little wall hanging with a real photo background and two plastic deer with a tree. I loved it so it came home with me.


In Seattle, at midnight on New Years Eve, fireworks are set off from the Space Needle. About 8 minutes worth of fireworks are strapped to the needle and they are synchronised with music. One of the local news stations airs the fireworks so you can actually watch them from the comfort of your own couch. We popped open a bottle of sparking apple-grape cider around 7pm and we were in bed by 9pm. BUT we set our alarms for 11:50pm so we could get up and watch the fireworks. We had our kiss at midnight and promptly went back to our warm bed!

Happy New Year to you!  How did you celebrate the new year?

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Estate salin’!

I went to an estate sale this afternoon!  The house was huge and 102 years old!  There were at least 12 rooms!  I lost count, but the house was beautiful but the wallpaper and carpet was even better!

Look at that sectional! And wallpaper! The wallpaper was just a velvety as the couch. It was kind of tempting to buy the couch. It was only $350. I’m actually surprised someone didn’t snag that!

You could walk around the entire house at the sale. There were two floors and a garage to wander through. This was upstairs. Orange shag carpet! This house was gorgeous!

Red, white and blue carpet with gold walls and red velvet accents.

Meet the Mormons! I really wanted to buy this, but it smelled rather moldy. No thanks Mormons!

I did buy this print of a Mountie sharing salt with a fawn! The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are almost up there with cowboys in my book.

Music to Strip by! I felt kind of creepy buying this, but I got over that rather quickly. This was a strange find and for $1 I couldn’t say no!

I went to the sale after work. I told Eric all about the huge house so after we ate this afternoon we went back to the sale!

I also found this little carved bud vase with an elephant on it. There were quite a few Asian goods and maps around the house. They also had a collection of travel books. I hope they were able to see quite a bit while they were in good health.

Intricate carving.

Eric found this tiny sculpture at the sale.

He also found some vintage E.T. Christmas wrapping paper!

Did you know that I’ve never seen E.T?

My print already found a new home on my office wall!

The estate sale was awesome!  More please!

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Antiquing with a kitten.

Today we had a gorgeous sunny day.  I hopped on my red bike and went for a ride as soon as I came home from work!  Around the block from our house I noticed there was some sort of antique sale going on.  I dropped my bike off at home and grabbed my little kitten.  I thought maybe she’d like to get out in the sun for a walk…and when I say walk I mean I was going to carry her.  She does not walk on the leash.

She clung to me as we started our walk but she didn’t seem to mind it so much.  As soon as we made it to the antique sale she bellowed a deep  “MOOWWWWW.  MOOOOWWWW.”  It was rather embarrassing.  I’m really not embarrassed walking her, but her bellows were.  It sounded as if I was torturing her.  She did that 3 or 4 more times and then I decided we should head back to the house.  An old lady there said…”Maybe she doesn’t like the sun.”  Well yeah, we see the sun in Seattle 6 days out of the year so it is hard to get used to.  I walked her home and plopped her down in the grass.  She seemed happier, but she still beat cheeks to the front door.

She’s been sunning herself on the red chair most of the afternoon.  I love that little kitten!

Juniper decided to lay down on the sidewalk instead of walking on it.

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