In PA.


Pennsylvania welcomes you!


This is incredibly obnoxious. Silly Jesus! You can’t balance a plane on your head.


It was a super humid and hazy day in PA. We stopped by the Flight 93 memorial. It’s a really somber place. Flight 93 was the plane that crashed into a field in western PA on September 11, 2001. There’s a long walkway with some signage along the way. To the left is where the debris field from the plane is.


Names of those who died in the plane crash.


It’s a big ‘ol coffee pot.


An abandoned section of Pennsylvania Turnpike. This was used as a filming location for the movie “The Road.” Does it look familiar?


It was a little creepy in the tunnel.


Burt Reynold pleasure cave. Don’t mind if I don’t!




In Gettysburg I spotted a cat lounging on a wooden fence. Super cute! I actually made Eric turn around so I could take a photo with my telephoto lens.


In Gettysburg we spent some time driving around the Battlefield. This is one of Eric’s favorite places.


Morning overlooking Gettysburg.


Eric went on a Battlefield tour while I drove around and found this creepy stuff.


Cannons with the Pennsylvania Monument in the background.


It’s the Distelfink ya dingus!


Back in my hometown of Northumberland, Pennsylvania! My dad took me out for a ride in his new(ish) boat. I say new(ish) because he’s had it for a while, but this was my first time in it. He even trusted me enough to let me drive it. My mom hung on terrified in the back. Kidding! I wasn’t that bad.


Cupcakes for the wedding! Homemade in my childhood home.


Eric and I spent time at my parent’s house, his parent’s and my sister’s. We cooked some veggie dogs one night at Eric’s parent’s house.


Eric’s hometown of New Berlin, PA was having a parade and carnival while we were there!


This is where we’re from.


Someone has a nice bus.


He’s missing his chaps!


The kids watching the parade around us loved the fire trucks. They also loved the candy the firemen were throwing.


The carnival was small, but they had a carousel. You can’t go wrong with a carousel!


The wheel of doom! I’m not sure what it was actually called…I’m just telling you what it SHOULD be called.


My best friend, Aaron, is a pastry chef and he so kindly helped me decorate the cupcakes for the wedding. He brought massive pastry bags and piping tips for the icing. He even gave me the tips to bring home with me!


The night before the wedding we went to a local amusement park called Knoebels with some out of town friends. Fun, food and fantasy! Our friends Ryan and Jaime have two adorable kids. Arkaedi and Taviri were enjoying going around in circles most of the night.


All of us road the little train. In front of me is Jason, Aaron, Matt and DJ. Jason has some fantastic tattoos!…and he’s vegan!


And behind us are Arkaedi, Taviri, Ryan and Jaime!


I think we all had a fun night together! My friends!


And here’s a peak at our wedding day! And my very pregnant sister. She’s so cute! She had that baby five days after the wedding! I’m flying back to PA in September to meet my niece, Tessa.


My sister puts up with me doing weird things to her.


Married and watching the sunset over Gettysburg.


Goodnight Pennsylvania!

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One thought on “In PA.

  1. Hey I was there for some of that funness! Yay!

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