I’m still here.

I’ve been neglecting this little blog of mine!  Things have been so busy the last two weeks with preparing for the wedding and our Kickstarter project.  Yesterday I realized that it was exactly TWO weeks until we leave for Pennsylvania.  That’s TWO weeks until I’m off for a month.  Woo hoo and OMG I didn’t realize that I only have two weeks to get ready.

I’m ready for the planning stage for the wedding to be over with.  So much planning for a small wedding!

Another worry of mine is leaving my little cat behind.  It really makes me sad and I try not to think about it, but I can just see her now looking out the front window, watching us drive away.  Baby kitty!  We do have a close friend coming over to the house everyday to check on her and feed her and play with her, but I feel so guilty!  Baby kitty, if we had a camper I would take you with me in a heartbeat!

Other things on my mind lately…holy tornadoes in the Midwest.  It’s making me really nervous to be traveling through that area on Route 66.  Oklahoma City is being slammed yet again with tornadoes today.  We’re going to be driving right through Oklahoma City.  Get out of there you mean old tornado!

Tomorrow there will be a day trip fun!  I’ve been so stressed out this week, it will be wonderful to get away for a day!

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One thought on “I’m still here.

  1. I just learned about those tornados over a late dinner tonight. It is indeed scary and I hope that you guys stay safe on your trip. On a lighter note, woo hoo for upcoming wedding time fun! I bet you will feel so much more relaxed when you can just enjoy the day and not plan anymore.

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