Baby fun in Pennsylvania!

The main reason for my trip to Pennsylvania a few weeks ago was for a Baby Shower for my baby niece!  I surprised my sister and didn’t tell her that I was flying in to visit for a week.  I made her cry which was kind of funny, but then I felt bad that I made a pregnant women cry.  We spent time doing some shopping for the baby, organizing her room and sorting clothing by size.


Baby Keeley’s first baby book! I saw this and I knew I had to buy it for her.


There she is!


My sister, Krista, and my brother-in-law, Tim, put cute animal decals around the nursery.


Krista and Tim!


Pink and green.


I had so much fun checking out the baby’s room and going through baby clothing!


Little owls.


Tim made a cute little pig to decorate the room.


And this awesome bunny! The bunny rolls and that ball inside moves around too.


So many clothes! We spent a few hours taking tags off of them, washing them and then folding so many tiny onsies!


We went shopping the first night I was in PA and they found the little dress they’re going to bring baby girl home in!


AND I spotted these yellow pants and blue sweater. I’m actually pretty jealous of her. I want yellow pants and a blue sweater!


Baby book and baby belly!


Sister and sister!


I heard her! Not really, but I did feel her kick every day.


On Sunday we had a baby shower for Krista, Tim and baby.


Little pink flowers.


Gifts for the party guests.


Baby photos of Krista and Tim.


There were a few baby shower games too. I even won a game!


Look at that baby belly!


Krista and Tim were given so many cute and thoughtful gifts! The baby is going to be well loved when she makes and appearance.


Daddy’s little cupcake and Mommy’s new shopping buddy.


People made super cute blankets for baby.


I hope she’s a horse lover like I was when I was a kid!


I don’t have the patience to crochet, so I asked my sister’s friend, Ang, to make a hat with a little squirrel on it for the baby.


More handmade goods.


Krista and Tim were sorting the baby shower gifts that night and then we took more photos in the nursery!


So cute! I can’t wait to meet my niece!


Baby love.


Mama and Papa love!


Baby girl is going to be so loved when she makes an appearance.


All of those handmade blankets were presents at the baby shower!


The drawers are filled with diapers and blankets.


The clothes are also arranged and sorted by size.


Wishes do come true!


Everyone brought a book to the baby shower which they signed and wrote a note to the baby. Such a cute idea and keepsake for the baby!


Tiny shoes!

I had such a fun trip with my family!  I was of course happy to see Eric back in Seattle, but I was sad for a few days after coming home.  The first few days back for me are always the hardest.  You forget…and it’s sad…how much you miss family when you’re away from them for so long.  Krista and Tim now have a new computer so we can Skype!  I’ve Skyped with them a few times already.  Today I was talking to my sister and I could actually SEE the baby kicking.  OMG!  It was so exciting.  The baby is due the day of our wedding, but I’m secretly hoping she arrives early so I can spend a few days with her before the wedding.

Come on out baby girl!  I can’t wait to meet you!

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2 thoughts on “Baby fun in Pennsylvania!

  1. Looks like a great time. You got some fabulous shots!

  2. I love these photos! Your sister looks so happy and glowing with excitement. Your going to make one fabulous and fun Auntie! Can’t wait to see and hear updates very soon! The big day is so quickly approaching!

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