Good things on Wednesday.


This week at work has been evil and busy. More evil than busy. Chocolate was needed after dinner so Eric and I went to the co-op for the goods. They were giving away free daffodils too! Apparently someone bought 200 daffodils for their birthday today and they gave them to the co-op to hand out. Kind of sweet and odd all in one. I took one though. I’m going to take it to work to brighten up my little inky corner of the print shop.


But for this evening it can stay on my makeshift altar with John Taylor.


Some cute mail arrived for me today too. These little things really do brighten my day! Friends in Ithaca, NY sent this drawing and a pressed penny. Cute! I kind of want to frame this one. I hope you had a great Wednesday as well!

(((Happy 800th blog post!)))

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2 thoughts on “Good things on Wednesday.

  1. ryanbeggar

    Yay it arrived! They sent it back the first time. Apparently they skipped Everett deliveries.

  2. Happy 800th blog post!! I got your letter, I wrote a postcard back (special) and its going out first thing tomorrow morning. Let me just say how excited I’m getting for your big day!! I love how your doing the reception and I cannot wait to see and hear how it all turns out! 🙂 I’m such a lucky gal to be pen pals with you! Chat soon! Sorry I sort of fell behind on posts and letters. Ugh life haha!

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