Magnuson Park- Seattle.

We’ve been to Magnuson Park quite a few times over the past five years living in Seattle. Magnuson Park used to be a Navy Air Station but in 1975 part of it was given to the city of Seattle. Some of the buildings and roads from the days of the Navy are still intact. The path you walk on along Lake Washington is actually the old road. The park also has a picnic area, boat launch, dog park and an art installation made out of fins from former U.S. submarines! Pretty fun, huh?


There were people kite surfing in the chilly sun. It sure was sunny, but it also was only around 45 degrees F. Yikes!


The ducks were sunning themselves next to their mates. I love to see animals hanging out with their significant other.


Remnants from the Navy Air Station.


There are the submarine fins. They look like an orca pod!


On each fin there is a plaque with the name of the submarine the fin came from.


There are 22 fins total in the installation.


A dirt path winds through the fins near Lake Washington.


More navy buildings.


Here’s a fun fact…The first park where Magnuson is currently located was established in 1900 and called Carkeek Park. In 1922 the navy began construction at the park and Carkeek Park was moved to its current location along Puget Sound. Remember Carkeek from the photos I posted a few weeks ago. Pretty fun history!

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3 thoughts on “Magnuson Park- Seattle.

  1. Jim Allen

    I grew up here, and did not know the history of Cakeek Park. However, here is another fun fact, I landed here at the Sand Point Naval Station when it was active, and worked in the tower controlling the runways. Now I will date myself, I was in the Officers club when we saw Apollo 11 landing on the moon.
    Lots of great history, but you and Eric have helped all this come alive. You two are the best, and will end up knowing more about Seattle and the region than many of the locals.

  2. This park looks awesome! It looks like you had decent weather too. . . <— so jealous! lol! Ready to get outside again. We still have a decent amount of the white stuff covering the ground here. Oh BTW your doughnuts at the top of your blog are very, very, deliciously, distracting. (Say's the girl who gave up sweets for Lent).

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