Carkeek seek and find.

After our carousel adventure on Saturday, we drove up to Carkeek Park to do some train spotting and tidal pool watching.


It was low tide when we were at the park. Low tide is great for searching for shells. Just make sure no one is living in the shells before you take them home with you!


See the oval critter in the middle of the photo? I know sure what it is, but a few years ago I did find one of these shells washed up on shore. Do you know what the name of this little guy is?


Sea anemone!


We spotted about 20 purple star fish! They are “technically” called sea stars though.


Hang on little guy!


This guy was looking for some noms. He let me get rather close to him too.


We walked up the beach searching for shells and waiting for trains.


The tide was super low! We walked on parts of the beach that we’ve never been able to walk on because the water was too high.


Here comes the sun!


And here comes the train! Our waiting finally paid off.


It’s comin’ ’round the bend.


Whoa baby! This is the biggest shell I’ve ever found at Carkeek! I brought it home with me. I’m thinking I want to put an air plant in it. I recently killed an air plant though so I don’t know if that would be the best idea. How does one kill an air plant?

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