Out in the city.

Today was an exploration day in Seattle!  I took so many photos today.  I’m going to split the day up into a few blog posts because I know you don’t want to sit through a million photos in one post!

We had brunch at Wayward to start our day of fun!  I had my Diana Mini with me today for some black and white film experiments.  The Diana has not been functioning properly for a long time.  Eric examined it last night because I thought a part on the inside was broken or stuck.  No it was was not broken or stuck, but he thinks that I haven’t been advancing the film properly.  Sigh Diana, sigh.  I’m giving it one more shot!  Treat me well, Diana!

Other stops today included Pier 57, the carousel!, Post Alley, Pike Market and Carkeek Park.


The new Ferris Wheel near Pier 57.


Cinnamon Works at Pike Market sells cookies as big as dinner plates and huge cinnamon buns. We of course couldn’t say no to a cinnamon bun!


This is the biggest shell I’ve ever found at Carkeek Park! No one was living in it so I brought it home with me. I think I might put a small plant in it. Good finds and a good day!

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One thought on “Out in the city.

  1. I LOVE Wayward!!!!

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