Foggy days and weekly reads.

It’s been super foggy here the past few days.  I went to a craft store last night in search of supplies and it was even hard to drive in the parking lot.  We made the best of the winter weather yesterday and went out to eat and then paid a visit to our favorite beach park.


I almost always get the Creamy Corn Chowder from Bamboo Garden.


He was trying to break into my car.  Don’t trust the birds at Carkeek Park!


If it were a clear day you would be able to see the Olympic Mountains. Now all you can see are birds and fog. I like the birds.


Eric spotted this piece of shell from a broken conch shell. I hoarded things from the beach lately so I brought home this shell, a smaller conch shell, some sea glass and a bright orange stone.


Eric was prepared for trains with Polaroid Land Camera in hand. Sadly no trains showed up. Sad little guy.


Before we ate lunch today we stopped by Silver Platters for some record and book browsing. They actually have a decent used book section. They also have new books so I picked up the new book from John Taylor of Duran Duran. He’s my favorite band member. I thought he deserved a place on my longhorn altar.


Fun reading from around the web this week:

  1. Don’t these Chinese factory workers just look so happy to be making all of that plastic stuff America craves?
  2. Super cute alert!!  Mama kitten adopts a baby squirrel.  Not cute enough for you?  Well baby squirrel now purrs too!
  3. I found this tutorial on how to screen print on pottery.  While pottery isn’t my thing, I do appreciate different ways to screen print!
  4. This is probably my favorite find of the week!  DIY scratch off tickets!  Eric and I are trying to think of a way to use this technique for the wedding.  I have a feeling this won’t be a wedding project, but one day it WILL be a project.
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