Welcome home!

A Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 lens arrived in the mail for me today.  I thought it was time to do a little upgrading from the kit lens that came with the T2i.  And what an upgrade it is!


This is the first lens I’ve actually purchased for my Canon. I’ve been wanting something that will take cleaner and more vibrant photos.


The shallow depth of field is wonderful!


I walked around the house tonight taking photos of things to test out the lens. I tried a recipe I found for Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Larabars tonight. I really like them, but Eric does not. They actually do taste like cookie dough and he doesn’t like raw cookie dough. Gasp!!


I nommed away on one while Eric decided to snack on a few chips.

Check out the recipe at Oh She Glows!


Eric wasn’t the only one in the house hungry for chips. Juniper decided that merely licking the salt off of his fingers wasn’t good enough!


But she is cute!


This tiny lens is well worth the money! I can’t wait to take some portrait shots with it soon!…Did I mention that my sister is going to have a baby!?! It’s her first and I’m super excited! Babies and lenses…everyone wins!!

I bought my lens from B&H Photo.  I decided to take advantage of their free shipping.  Even with the slower shipping option it only took 4 days to get here!

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