Sushi rollin’ machine!

There was sushi today. Which is always a good thing, but it was a little sad eating it today. There’s a cute little Asian market called Mekong a few blocks away from our house that we go to fairly often. We stopped by there today for some rice and tofu. There was a “sale” sign in the window with a listing of certain percents off of particular items. I just thought that Mekong was having a sale to clear out old stock for the new year. NO. No no no. Mekong is closing! How sad! I bought my first sushi rolling supplies from Mekong! And…where else can you buy 100 packs of organic green tea for $4?! Mekong will be closed in about a week, so we’re going back there tomorrow to stock up on rice noodles and organic green tea. And now we roll our sushi in memory of Mekong.


Today I used Jasmine rice in my sushi. I never use traditional sushi rice. I’ve used short grain brown rice and Jasmine rice with success. I’ve also used long grain brown rice with MUCH less success!


I used tofu and avocado for this one.


Part of my avocado was a little brown so I didn’t want to use that. I cracked open a can of baby corn to mix it up a little bit! It sure did mix it up. It’s ok…but no…not again. (Don’t try it!! I already tried it for you and it’s not worth it!)


Five beautiful rolls were made.


Eric doesn’t like sushi, so this is all for me! Traditionally a few teaspoons are dropped into the cooked rice to make it sticky. And since I love rice vinegar I don’t stick to that traditional way. I probably use about a third cup of rice vinegar! Don’t hate. If I ever make sushi for you I’ll stick to using just a few teaspoons. Unless you love vinegar too! And then all will be right in the world.


I sprinkled some sesame seeds over the top and poured a small bowl of tamari.


Happy sushi-ing!

If you wanted to learn more about sushi making you should watch this video.  You might recognize the actor.  Go ahead…check it out!

Do you make your own sushi at home?  What do you put in yours?  And did you check it out?


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One thought on “Sushi rollin’ machine!

  1. Asian markets are a vegan’s best friend. I love making homemade sushi. This looks yummy!

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