Trains and Thai.


After work today we headed down to Seattle to do some shopping. There were also trains.


These guys are sharing ice cream. Or is that a microphone?


This is what a typical “Seattle” day looks like. It was grey and misting. But there were lots of trains so we braved the mist!


Eric was taking some photos with a film camera while I stuck to digital. I did take two film cameras with me, but I never took them out of the car. Bad me!


Driving in the city today reminded me of how bad a good portion of the drivers in Seattle are. It was really frustrating and annoying. And not to sound like the mother hen…people drive way too fast in the city and don’t obey traffic laws. Use your turn signal! To finish up our shopping/train adventure day on a good note we went to Araya’s for some vegan Thai food! Eric had some spicy noodles with tofu and I had red curry with brown rice. There were spring rolls too!

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One thought on “Trains and Thai.

  1. Mmmmm…that bowl of Thai looks amazing!

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