Happy Thanksgiving- Get your vegan gobble on!

I woke up around 7:30 this morning to work on Thanksgiving Day food! Last night before I went to bed I put that French silk chocolate pie in fridge to cool and harden up even more! I wanted to make some homemade whipped cream to put on the top of it. I found this recipe for coconut cream whipped cream.

Put your can of coconut milk in the fridge and let it there overnight. The coconut cream will separate from the coconut water!

Eric and I decided to have pie for breakfast…you know…so you can work off those calories before you eat the main meal.

Happy pie and whipped cream!

Eric isn’t a fan of coconut and since you make the whipped cream out of coconut milk, it does taste like coconut.  I was nice and I didn’t spread the whipped cream all over the pie.  I have to also tell you that Eric doesn’t like pie.  He promised he would at least try it!  He loved it!  It’s so good!  Click on over to that pie recipe and give it a try for yourself.  I actually baked my pie for 10 minutes longer than the recipe called for.  It was a little jiggly in the middle so that’s why I gave it more time to bake.  It was fabulous!

Just a little bit on the top! The pie was a super success! The filling of the pie was the texture of a cheesecake. Nice and heavy.

After some pie I continued on with the rest of the food for the day.  I love creamed corn!  I like to make my own though.

Fry up some corn with salt, pepper and a little sugar.

I then blended about half of the corn with some almond milk.

Add this back to the pan with the corn you didn’t put in the blender. Huzzah! Homemade creamed corn!

The recipe for creamed corn came from this book.  Our friend Ryan sent it to us last year for Christmas.  My favorite recipes from the book are the creamed corn, of course, and a vegan macaroni and cheese recipe.


Next up was the tofu roast!  Two pints of water drained from the tofu overnight!  Whoa.


I dug out a hole in the tofu.

Leave about an inch of tofu all the way around in the colander. Save the tofu you scoop out!

And now you can fill the tofu with a stuffing mixture.  I made some stuffing out of pieces of bread, wild rice, some butter, pepper and salt.

Stuff it!

And now put the tofu that you scraped out back on the tofu roast.

Pat the tofu down to hold your stuffing in place!

Put the pan that you plan on baking the roast in over the tofu and carefully (but quickly!) flip the roast.

Flip it. Flip it good.

And now baste that thing!

I usually use Wildwood tofu. Wildwood tofu is usually a lot drier than most tofu so I DIDN’T use it this time.

The basting mixure is made out of tamari, orange juice, olive oil, sesame seed oil and liquid smoke.  The recipe didn’t call for liquid smoke, but I thought that would be a swell addition!

Baste then bake for 15 minutes. Baste again and bake for an hour. Baste as much as you’d like while it’s roasting.

A giant crack appeared on the roast!  Eric thought perhaps the roast was too moist.  I’m not quite sure.  The flavor of the baste is spot on!  The tofu needs some work.  The edges that were firmer were awesome!  The parts closer to the middle of the roast were not as good.  I think it would be a good idea to baste the inside of the tofu BEFORE putting the stuffing in there.  We are going to work on this until we perfect it!

Tofu gobble gobble!

And you need rolls for your Thanksgiving meal!

These were nice and vegan buttery. They weren’t as fluffy as the rolls posted in the blog entry I found them on. Maybe I needed to let them rise a little longer?

Happy Thanksgiving!  No one was killed to make this lovely meal!

100% vegan and almost 100% homemade! I bought the gravy. Bad me. The tofu roast is up there at about 1 o’clock. It wasn’t the easier thing to get out of the pan…that’s why it looks a little mangled.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope you had a great day with food, friends and family!  And if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving I still hope you had a wonderful Thursday!

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5 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving- Get your vegan gobble on!

  1. Wow – everything looks so good! I love your roast! We should really make our own instead of buying them. Thanks for the link back and using my recipe! Your rolls might have just fallen and needed another rise. They still look better than my first attempt! 🙂

  2. This looks incredible! I wish I lived near you so that I could brave the tofu bake non-solo. You rock!

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