Thanksgiving Prep!

Today I picked up the last few things at the grocery store that I needed for our Thanksgiving feast!

Miss Purrito approves!

What do you think I’m making?

This year I’m making a stuffed tofu roast!  If you click on that link you’ll find the entire recipe and procedure.

Tofu galore!

I blended the tofu in my mixer for about 10 minutes until it was super creamy.

Spin it!

Now mix in the spices listed in the recipe.

Thyme, sage, salt and pepper.

Now line a colander with cheese cloth.

un-cheesy cloth.

Pour the tofu mixture in the colander.

Pat the tofu down.

And wrap it up!

Put a plate under your colander to catch the water that will drain from the tofu.

Put a plate on top of the colander and put something heavy on the plate to help press water out of the tofu.  I used a heavy jar with homemade asian barbeque sauce.

Now left the tofu set over night!

The water started to drain from the tofu as soon as I put some weight on it.

See it draining?

Next up was a French Silk Chocolate Pie!

Again…click on the link for the recipe!

My pie crust is kind of horrible, no?  Oh my!  This is the first time I’ve made a pie and it’s super apparent!

Get ready for tomorrow! The tofu roast with be roasted and the pie will be filled and it all will be consumed!!

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One thought on “Thanksgiving Prep!

  1. jim allen

    Sarah, looks good, it does not make any difference what it looks like, I bet it tastes awesom. You and Eric have the best Thanksgiving . It is not raining today, so that its a good sign. Take care and enjoy

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