A new Polaroid Land Camera from 1968? Yes!

Eric bought this little gem the other day! It’s a Polaroid Minute Maker Land Camera still in the box.

He won this on Ebay. It was only $20 including shipping. That’s a fantastic deal on a camera still in the box.

The plastic on the box was brittle, but what can you expect with a box from 1968?  The camera was NEVER used.  The neck strap is still wrapped in the original plastic and the camera is still neatly tucked in its cardboard holder.

Shake your minute maker! Well actually…you don’t have to shake Polaroid Land camera photos.

The registration card was still in the box along with a coupon for some free prints.

Three instruction manuals were also in the box. The illustrations in the books are fantastic!

Sample photos.

I think we should make shirts with the Polaroid diagrams from the manual on them. Good idea Sarah!

There’s the back on your Land camera.

This is what it looks like inside of a Land camera. There’s a door that opens up to the left that you can see on the left page. You insert your film pack in the area of the camera on the right page.

This is by far my favorite illustration from the books! I really need that gal and wavy hair on a shirt!

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One thought on “A new Polaroid Land Camera from 1968? Yes!

  1. that is so cool.

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