Fun Film Friday- week 1

It’s pomegranate season!  I opened my first pomegranate of the season tonight.  The seeds are bitter and crunchy and I could eat them all night.  I’m trying to pace myself though.  Have you ever had coconut water?  I tried it a few months ago and I thought it was rather gross.  I love coconut so I thought I would naturally like it.  I gave it a second chance yesterday and I’m in love!

Carousel at the 2012 Evergreen State Fair.

I went to the thrift store today and I bought 11 rolls of expired 35mm film!  I can use that film in my Diana Mini.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep using it, but now that I have a slew of film I will indeed use it!  There are 8 rolls of color film and 3 rolls of black and white.  I haven’t tried black and white film so I’m excited to try it!  This weekend Eric and I are heading to central Washington yet again.  We’ll be exploring a few coulees, some of which I haven’t seen before.

The photo above is one I took at the Evergreen State Fair this fall.  I took it with my Polaroid Land camera.  This is actually the negative from the photo.  I’ve often thought of doing a 365 day project or a 52 week project.  I’ve decided to start Fun Film Fridays!  I’ll be posting a photo from one of my many film cameras on Fridays.  Huzzah!  That makes sense right?

You should post Fun Film Friday photos too!  Or Fun Foto Fridays.  Either way it’ll be fun!

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