Seattle Sci-Fi and Music.

Eric and I took the day off of work today to have a fun day in Seattle! We decided to go to the Experience Music Project/Sci-Fi Museum near the Space Needle.

The was an Icons of Science Fiction exhibit at the Sci-Fi portion of the museum. There’s a Dalek from Dr. Who!

There were some interactive parts of the exhibit. This area had some little figurines on sticks and a green screen. There was also a camera that recorded the moves you made with the little figures and showed you what you were doing against a different background. Does that make sense?

I was using the shark looking figure and Eric had the fake Godzilla critter. At the end of our playtime Eric’s figurine jumped on the back of mine and rode off into the starry night sky together.

This little guy was the flying saucer in the 1959 movie, Plan 9 From Outer Space.

This needs no explanation!

Yoda’s necklace and cane. Eric was excited!

The Captains chair from Star Trek. Trouble With Tribbles as well.

The other exhibit at the Sci-Fi museum was the Can’t Look Away: The Lure of Horror Film exhibit.

You had to walk down a flight of stairs to get to the exhibit. This was the wallpaper on the walls as you walked down. Super fun!

Jason Voorhees mask and machete from Friday the 13th.

Flying sphere from Phantasm II.

The Alien from Alien! You could see his little mouth in his big mouth too!

The design of the Lure of Horror exhibit was fantastic! There were two wall hangings that looked like this. The one was based around the movie It Conquered the World. Doesn’t it look like parts from a plastic toy that you have to put together?

This was another interactive exhibit. There was a bright light shining against a wall that would somehow give you an alien head…or alien features…when you stepped in front of the light. This is our shadow on the wall.

And on to the Experience Music Project! This is in the same building as the Sci-Fi museum, so you only have to paid admission once to see both museums!

There was a Nirvana exhibit on display. Seattle loves their Nirvana! There’s Kurt Cobain’s sweater! I still want my Kurt Cobain hair.

There’s a hall of guitars that is great to see if you are lucky enough to go to the EMP. The Nirvana display was interesting too because there were Polaroids and other photos that were Kurt’s of him and his band while he was younger. The other exhibit currently on display was, Worn to be Wild: The Black Leather Jacket.

The black leather jacket is so iconic that we now make vegan leather jackets to satisfy and need/want of a leather jacket. Right?

Cute girls and jackets.

A few jackets were on display. It was great to see how people would personalize their jackets.

Look at them! I think they’re wonderful! So many studs.

This may have been my favorite jacket. The detail on the jacket is great! The silver studs and paint are fabulous.

And we couldn’t be at the Seattle Center and not say hello to the International Fountain and the Space Needle! Thanks for a great rainy day Seattle!

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