A fall beach day.

Today while Eric was at an appointment in Seattle, I had a few hours to roam around the city. After running a few errands I drove to Golden Gardens beach park to have a little quiet time. Eric always thinks it’s weird when people go to the beach and sit in their cars. I don’t think it’s all that weird. Is it?

As soon as I parked my car the seagulls swarmed me!

I’ve been craving sushi this week. I took care of that craving today too.

Summer is over but don’t tell the seagulls! They were roosting on the sand…on tables and on the pavement. Be careful birds!

It was actually sunny and kind of warm today.

I went to the beach armed with my scarf and my Diana mini.

Puget Sound is lovely all year long.

I spotted a little rat while on the beach! That poor guy looked like he had been in a few fights. And I think he lost a few of those fights. Do you see his battle scars?

I followed him for a bit while he took his beach walk.

Eric had a long dentist appointment today. I found this little lemur while on my errands. I thought this little guy might make him feel better after a long session with the dentist.

After the dentist and lemur rewards we went to Bamboo Garden for some food. Since I ate the sushi earlier I just had a bowl of won ton soup and hot green tea! What a fun day! Happy Wednesday everyone!

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2 thoughts on “A fall beach day.

  1. I told the dentist that you were reading in your car at the beach. He said, “ohhh she’s one of those…” See? It’s not just me that thinks it’s weird. 🙂

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