Rainy soup.

Today it was very apparent that winter is here.  It was cold and rainy and there’s a damp chill in the air that just sinks to your bones and will be there until at least May.

Today was a soup day!  I roasted some carrots, string beans and potatoes.  I then threw them in a pot of vegetable stock with some spices and added black beans, pinto beans, corn and kale.  I also added some tofu noodles!  Tofu noodles come in a plastic bag with water in it.  They always look gross, but they’re so good in soup because they don’t get soggy like most noodles.  They’re super firm yet soft and don’t expand no matter how long they’re hanging out in the soup.  I added a generous shake (or two) of cayenne powder because I love cayenne!


I made a huge pot of soup that will last all week!  Yay for soup and not having to cook for the rest of the week!

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2 thoughts on “Rainy soup.

  1. Yum, we will try it this week.

  2. This looks delicious! The temps have dropped here too. I don’t dare leave the house in the morning without my hot tea.

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