And another one.

I did a bad thing today.  I went to a thrift store and I bought another Polaroid camera!  I opened up the camera and I heard it make a high squealing noise.  That means it has a battery in it.  I decided that I probably worked and that I should bring it home with me so I could test it with some extra Polaroid film I have.  I have three of these cameras now and I plan on selling them.  I like my Land camera better so I’m ok with giving these guys up.  Anyone looking for a working Polaroid camera?

Here’s the photo I took with the new camera!

My two favorites!

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4 thoughts on “And another one.

  1. I think you may need to enroll yourself in a camera addict’s program…
    But hey, at least you’ve got more ways to print out memories on paper, right?!

    • I love the instant satisfaction of Polaroid cameras! I do have way too many of them though. I’m planning on cleaning out my stash of Polaroid cameras if you’re looking for one 🙂

      • the bear and the blackberry

        Jef has quite the camera collection here… but you know what… not one polaroid camera.. hmmmmm…. ; )

  2. I remember when my uncle purchased my first Polaroid camera with like a birthday border frame. I was so excited! I snapped mostly pictures of my barbies, HAHA… those were the days.

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