Come on Friday!

This week has been another long long week at work!  I work for a sports company and since fall sports are starting up we’re busy as can be!  I’ve been working overtime most weeks, but I sure am sleepy!

Look at that little pink mouth!

I’m so excited for tomorrow though because a close friend of mine is visiting Seattle from the east coast!  She will be here with her husband on their honeymoon.  I can’t wait to catch up with her and show her around the city.  I miss my friends from the east coast so much!  I know I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again…it is not easy at all to make friends out here!  I don’t know how to go about it anymore.  I have tried to meet up with people I’ve met online…fail.  I met up with a vegan screen printer and she just kind of flaked out and didn’t return messages about meeting up again for real.  She gave me her number though.  I thought maybe it was me…but she gave me her number, so I don’t know what to make of it.  I seriously have more friends that live in other states and countries that I’ve met online and through blogging.  I love you all dearly too!  I wish ya’ll would just move up here!

Elbow macaroni with marinara sauce, soy curls and crimini mushrooms.

I like Seattle but it kind of makes me feel like a downer.  I like the city, but I just wish I would have found more people here to be social with.  I miss going to pointless coffee shops with friends and movies and just sitting in cars and talking.  Sigh.

I am super excited for my friend Nicki to be here tomorrow  though!!  Cheer up sad Smartz.

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3 thoughts on “Come on Friday!

  1. I love that photo of Jupiter!
    Making new friends is tricky, especially in a new city. I have found that working at a place with like minded people is the best way for me to make new friends. I keep thinking about how difficult it will be if we do really move to Portland, to start all over and not know anyone. Kudos to you! I think my game plan is to try to score a job somewhere where I can be surrounded by like minded individuals, and if that fails to get actively involved in vegan meetups or something of the sort.
    You are doing the right thing by trying, just keep putting yourself out there and hopefully you will begin to click with like minded folks! : )

  2. backpackbee

    I hear you….this getting old thing stinks, especially when you move away from your small hometown where everything is so comfortable, easy, and complacent. Cheers to your bravery! 🙂 I for one am so glad to have “met you” 😉

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