Skirting Seattle.

Yesterday Eric and I drove around on the outskirts of Seattle to find some weird things that we hadn’t seen before. We found this cow. Moo!

We made a stop at Snoqualmie Falls. We’ve been here many many times before, but it’s always nice to stop back here and say hello!

In the town of Snoqualmie we stopped at their railroad museum. We poked around here a bit and then listened to the older gentleman in the gift shop tell us some of his best jokes.

Dining car.

If you haven’t noticed…we stop to take pictures of trains on almost every trip we take! I told Eric it’s time for us to get a bumper sticker that says “I brake for trains.” I don’t think he’s ready for that commitment just yet.

We finally made to it Jimi Hendrix grave as well!

He has so many lipstick kisses!

There’s a sewage treatment facility south of Seattle that has this grotto type structure open to the public.

All of the ponds around the little walkway were drained…or they had some nice green slime on the water.

I like rock art!

We were the only people at the grotto so we took a sneaky photo!

I found these white berries near the grotto. I bet they’re not edible.

A giant cowboy hat and pair of boots!! I love some nice cowboy boots!

This are at a park and the boots used to be male and female restrooms.

Trying them on for size.

The park is near the airport so there was a lot of air traffic overhead in the few minutes we were there.


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