The trip that wasn’t.

Yesterday after work Eric and I planned on going camping for the night in central WA. We waved bye to Juniper in the window of the door and hit the road!

The sky around Everett seemed cloudy the past few days, but it wasn’t cloudy. And it wasn’t foggy. It was smoke that was rolling through from some wildfires.

We thought it would be ok to camp where we were going so we just kept on truckin’.

The smoke was noticeably thicker as we neared the Cascade mountains.


This was around 3pm. It was rather freaky to think that it was smoke and not fog as one may assume.

In the town on Wenatchee we did spot this fun restaurant.

I rolled down the windows a few times and it smelled like one giant campfire. I guess that’s what wildfires are really?

We decided that it probably wasn’t a good idea to camp in the smoke, so we would drive a little closer to where we planned on camping. If the smoke was still really thick we would turn around and go camping next weekend.

The smoke did make for some interesting shot with the Polaroid Land camera, which I will share with you in a future post!

The smoke DID clear a little bit, but you still couldn’t see long distances like you usually can in this area of Washington.

Someone has a teepee!

This is a fun old road Eric and I drive on when we’re in this part of WA. We never see other cars on it…which is a good thing because I don’t know if two cars would fit on it at this point!

Long and twisty road.

There’s an old car wreck on this road too. It’s interesting that the car has stayed there all this time!

We made the decision to turn around and head for home. The smoke would still be there the next day and it just wouldn’t be as enjoyable as camping on a day without smoke.

200 miles there…

and 200 miles back! What a day! We worked for 8 hours and then drove for 8 hours! I guess that’s how we like to travel though.

After the defeat of yesterday, we thought we should go to Seattle for some sun and vegan Thai food at Araya’s!

We also bought some goods from Wild Prairie Bakery in Ballard! Chocolate cupcake with coconut frosting!

And since my ass isn’t big enough I came home with this!  Happy Saturday indeed!

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3 thoughts on “The trip that wasn’t.

  1. Jim

    Thanks for the comments, and the pics. Did you turn off at Orondo up Highway 2? The confections look delicious.

    • We took Route 2 all the way to Wenatchee. We did get off of 2 around there and drove around on some dirt roads….Eric would remember the names of all of those 🙂

  2. Hey! There’s always room for sweet treats! Ps: you are a skinny mini anyways!

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