Midweek juicing!

Today was a LONG day. Work seemed to last forever. I felt like I was there for days but I wasn’t accomplishing very much. I came home and moped around the house for a little bit and then I decided to be productive and make some juice!!

I went to a local farmer’s stand and bought some oranges, apples, ginger, kale, carrots, white peaches, apricots and a lemon. I also used some cherries that my parents bought at Pike Market when they were here last week.

Lovely juice! I’ve been wanting some fresh juice since reading about my friend Sarah who just bought a juicer and is loving it! Follow the link below this photo to visit Sarah’s blog!!

Backpack B’s!

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7 thoughts on “Midweek juicing!

  1. I need to invest in a juicer… what kind of juicer do you have, and are you happy with it?

    • I have a Jack LaLanne juicer. I found it at Bed Bath and Beyond and it seemed like the best one they had there. It’s a great juicer, but the only thing I don’t like about it is cleaning the little mesh part that separates the juice from the excess fruit and veggies pieces. It totally works, but it just takes a few minutes to scrub that mesh part with a little brush. I have a feeling most juicers are like that though 🙂

  2. Awe! Sarah!! You are too sweet 😉 Your juice looks delicious too! I wish I could get my hands on some kale here. I haven’t located any yet…it’s got to be somewhere. Im determined!

  3. Guess what?! Got the cutest little squirrel card in the mailbox today! It completely made my Friday night! Thank you!! I just loved hearing about your engagement 🙂 congrats again!!!

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