Bye bye summer!

Summer is always short and sweet in the Pacific Northwest.  It’s getting noticeably colder.  I do not like!  The winter is just cold and damp here.  My bones are aching just thinking about it.

I’ve been drinking so much tea the past few days.  I’m trying to keep warm without wearing socks.  I hate socks.  I hate wearing shoes if you really want to know the truth.  Having to wear socks in the winter might be the worst thing about winter.  Maybe if I found some awesomely cute slippers I wouldn’t hate it so much.

What are you drinking and wearing on your feet?

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9 thoughts on “Bye bye summer!

  1. Yes, perhaps some squirrel slippers would make your feet happy? : )

    Summer is long and drawn out here in Sacramento… I am beginning to get a whiff of that wonderful almost autumn night air. The nights are finally cooling down, but we are still having ninety degree days…. I crave clouds and rain… I guess we always want the opposite of what we have, huh?

    I’m drinking water and iced teas and wearing sneakers because I despise flip flops!

    • Squirrel slippers would cure my early winter blues!

      Was it cloudy and rainy when you were in Portland a few months ago? Make a trip up here in a few months and you will have all the rain and clouds your little vegan heart desires!! 🙂

      • It was sunny and cloudy, the perfect mixture! I know… I keep yearning for the northwest but then I like to wonder if I could handle all of the rain that I claim to love now… only one way to find out!

  2. Jim

    Wool socks, I am cold all the time, if you wear wool, with sandles, the wool can get wet, but still keep you warm. Even though I like to ski, I hate the gray or is it grey? Remenber,,,,,GREY SKIES, GRAY PEOPLE, GREY WATER……………………..Welcome to the pacific NW, but……………..our skin is well hydrated, less wrinkles, from the sun, just wrinkles that are well hydrated.

  3. Sarah, How do the winters where you are now compare to central PA? I cannot wait to visit Washington sometime. I’ve got my wool knitted socks (my friend so graciously took the time to make me last year for the upcoming winter) and I sip on any kind of tea, learning to enjoy various coffees, and i’m a total soup lover! All of these things warm me up and keep me going. Hang in there!

    • Winters here aren’t as cold and long as PA. The temp. is usually around 40-50 in the winter. It’s not super cold, but it is very damp! It does rain here quite a bit in the winter…but it’s more of a mist that constantly in the air. It snows at least once a year here too. Last year we have snow everyday for about a week and that shut down the city! They don’t really have snow plows here so they only plow the main streets if they plow at all.

  4. I’ll happily trade with you. I’m wearing shorts right now and its still flip flop weather in Atlanta.

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