Ma and Pa Martz are here!

Yesterday after picking my parents up from the airport we went to Bamboo Garden for some vegan Chinese food!

Ma and Pa had some noodles and Eric had a hot pot.

I had tofu…Bamboo Garden style. There’s a bed of tofu under the vegetables!

Today we decided to go to the Evergreen State Fair. I had some hummus and pita bread.

Right on!

We checked out some of the 4-H exhibits. Vegetables!

Some of the craft 4-H kids made crafty things out of duct tape.

We said hi to the goats. This little guy was sleeping on his table.

This super cute baby goat was 9 days old!

He wanted to go down the sliding board.

He’s going for it!

Whoa baby goat!

Crash landing you silly baby goat!

Two Ferris Wheels. We were spoiled.

I love carousels!

This is Choco. He nibbled at my hand with his big horsey lips and then licked my hand. He was also enjoying the nose scratch I gave him. Choco and I bonded!

I took a few Polaroid Land camera shots while at the fair. I’ll have to scan those and share them with you, but here’s a quick shot of my favorite one!

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4 thoughts on “Ma and Pa Martz are here!

  1. JEA Allen

    Looks like you all had a great time. What wonderful weather. Enjoy the next week. Jim Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2012 02:50:29 +0000 To:

  2. ryanbeggar

    How did they like Bamboo Garden? I love that place.

  3. Bamboo Garden looks sooooo good! I swear I do more in life than eat or comment on your delicious food pictures. YUM!

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