Beach day and Olympia, WA!

Eric and I took a day trip to the beach today! It was super foggy when we drove through Seattle this morning. You can’t even see the top of the Space Needle!

You see some oddities when you’re on back roads.

There’s a power plant near Aberdeen, WA that was never a functioning power plant…but the towers, or whatever they may be called, are still there. This was our second time visiting them.

Power plant!

Our beach destination was Ocean Shores, WA. You can drive on the beach here! It was cloudy and foggy during the entire drive to the beach. You can’t even see the water!

Drivin’ on the sand!

Move it.

You could just see a few little waves rolling in. What a bad beach day! It wasn’t even windy! We only saw one kite.

Shark attack!

We saw this fun sign in Aberdeen, WA.

I took this photo with my Polaroid Land 210 camera. I’m loving the camera and the film immensely!

Kim call Tony.

Aberdeen, WA is the hometown of Kurt Cobain, the late front man of Nirvana. There’s a park near a bridge that Kurt used to hang out under. It’s called the Kurt Cobain Memorial Park. This is a concrete replica of Kurt’s guitar. When you drive into Aberdeen there’s a sign that says “Welcome to Aberdeen. Come as you are.” Get it?

K. C. park.

If you live in the Northwest I think you’re now morally obligated to like Nirvana.

Sweet air guitar!

The park is on a back street out of the way of everything. I thought it was an odd place for a park, but then Eric told me that this is where Kurt used to hang out.

There are some song lyrics on this monument. They censored a word. F***. I wonder what it says? You know…when you censor something like that it just makes it more obvious that there’s a naughty word on the monument.

Under Kurt’s bridge.

Fun Nirvana graffiti.

This is the back of the concrete guitar monument.

Just one more special message to go. And then I’m done and I can go home.

The house Kurt grew up in used to be in that empty lot.

I took a photo under Kurt’s bridge with the Land camera. It’s rather dark, eh?

Since the beach was a bust we decided to spend some time in Olympia, WA. Of course we found a record store.

And right next door was the Oly Vegan shop.

We found a vegan friendly Thai restaurant and nommed some food. Yellow curry!

Rad Nah.

Star Wars graffiti!

Thanks for the fun today Olympia!

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3 thoughts on “Beach day and Olympia, WA!

  1. Your day looked like a lot of fun. Loving the randomness of the park. The food looked delish too! The shark is perfect for Shark month or whatever on the Discovery channel, ha-ha!

  2. Who needs phones when you can just leave messages on buildings/etc? Technology, smecknology!

  3. ryanbeggar

    Dammit Kim are you still here?! Go call Tony!

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