Have Love Will Travel- Day 4

We woke up bright and early and went to Vertical Diner for breakfast! All vegan noms!

I had a burrito with avocado and spicy fries. YAY breakfast!

Vertical Diner.

After Vertical Diner we drove to City Cakes…an all vegan bakery in Salt Lake City! They had two giant display cases like this filled with cupcakes, cookies, cakes, cinnamon rolls, peanut butter bars, macaroons and other delights! They also have soft serve ice cream, milk shakes and some non-sweet food such as macaroni and cheese!

City Cakes!

The area surrounding SLC is gorgeous! There are salt flats and mountains. The contrast is quite lovely.

We stopped to gaze at the beauty of the landscape.

No trip to SLC is complete without a trip to the Mormon Temple! There is a visitor center at the Temple where you can see a scale model of the inside of the Temple. Of course they don’t show you all of the rooms because only certain members of the Mormon community are permitted in them. Only certain members are allowed in the Temple in general…but most of what goes on in the Temple seems to be quite the secret.

There were rooms with paintings and sculptures pertaining to the Mormon religion for us to browse.

Mandy and Eric are investigating.

The Temple!

The Temple is lovely! I wonder if Eric and I could be mistaken for a proper Mormon couple. Cheese and crackers!

Other buildings on the Temple grounds.

At the end of a long day we decided that we NEEDED to go back to City Cakes. Eric had soft serve ice cream, Mandy had some macaroni and cheese and I had a peanut butter bar milkshake!

This day in SLC was the day before Pioneer Day! Pioneer Day celebrates the Mormons arrival in SLC. People camp out the night before the big parade. Some people camp out TWO days before the parade! Ya’ll have some dedication!

Before heading back to Mandy’s house we decided to take a trip to This Is The Place State Park. That’s the place where Brigham Young laid eyes upon the land that would someday be SLC and he apparently said “THIS IS THE PLACE!”

There were various sculptures around the park.

Mandy let me borrow her wide angle lens for my Canon T2i. I have wide angle lust.

The skies are so much prettier with a wide angle lens.

This is the place.

WIDE ANGLE LUST!!I love Salt Lake City. ┬áIt’s super vegan-friendly and totally a place I could see us living one day. Goodnight SLC!

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3 thoughts on “Have Love Will Travel- Day 4

  1. Must travel to SLC now! Also, your pics look spectacular….are you using a new lens?

  2. Sorry, I just read your captions and see that you are…what mm lens is it?

  3. What an interesting place SLC is… I think Id like to visit here too. It looks very safe totally un-American ha ha! The bakery looked so delicious!

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