Help and well wishes for a friend!

This morning when we arrived at work we were told that our friend and co-worker, Buck, was in a boating accident this weekend.  Buck is expected to make a full recovery but his friends and family have set up fundraiser to help Buck and his wife Abbie.  One of his friends posted this on his Facebook page…

“This letter of request is being sent to you regarding a local family in Everett, WA. On Saturday, August 11th, Buck Hegland was involved in a boating accident. Buck and his wife Abbie were at Jetty Island enjoying a day with friends and family to celebrate a friend’s birthday. On the way back to the Marina the boat they were on struck a log unexpectedly and Buck went overboard and unfortunately was right in the path of the boat. Buck was struck by the propellers of the boat and sustained external injury to his thigh, chest and head and internal injury to his stomach, liver and spleen. Buck is receiving the best care and is expected to make a full recovery although it will be a long road. As of now, he’s currently in ICU but is making great progress each day. Buck’s supportive wife of three months (accident actually occurred on their 3 month wedding anniversary) Abbie is a recent new hire at Boeing, and will need to take a leave in order to support Buck through this. We are holding a fundraiser for this family in order to help support them through this difficult time. To SHOW your support Rubber bracelets that say nastybeats (Bucks alias) can be purchased for $5 through paypal using the following link or if you would like to make a general donation click on the following link: Thank you for your support. We wish Buck a speedy recovery.”

I’ve had chills all day thinking about this.  If you can and would like to please donate to help them out!  It’s going to be a few long and boring months at work without Buck giving us the peace sign when we first see him in the morning and when we leave for the day!  We miss you Buck!!

You might remember Buck from a post I did about his wedding a few months ago.

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5 thoughts on “Help and well wishes for a friend!

  1. Sarah, I just got all of your postcards here today! On my birthday too 🙂 So sweet!!! I love them all!! The corn palace cracked me up because my grandparents actually went there when I was younger, I believe they brought me back a tee-shirt too… so much coolness there! ha ha ha Thank you again!!!

    • Happy Birthday to you! What a surprise! The corn palace seems like a wacky place. I’ve never been there but it’s on my list of things to see!

      • My grandparents said it was wacky. I believe I was like 10 or 11 when they went. Too funny! Thanks for the birthday wishes too 🙂

  2. So sorry to hear about your friend Buck. I hope that he has a fast recovery.

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