Just a quiet Friday.

I brewed some lemon, ginger and mint leaves today. Fantastic!

I also made some cucumbers with vinegar today. My family used to cut up cucumbers and coat them in a vinegar, water, sugar, pepper mixture. I talked to my mom today for a reminder as to how she made this. She told me to add some water to the vinegar so it wouldn’t be so tangy. Silly Mom….I’ve been known to drink cups of vinegar….I don’t need no water!

I bought a new necklace a few days ago! My lovely friend, Ashley, makes and sells her own jewelry under the name Sherpani Studio. I have 12 pieces from her. You should get out here Etsy site. I posted a link to her shop below this photo!

Click here to visit Sherpani Studio!

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3 thoughts on “Just a quiet Friday.

  1. The pickled cucumbers must be a central PA thing. My family makes them in the summer months too. I’ve totally forgotten, thanks for the simple reminder 😉 Korea has some of the best cucumbers I’ve tasted yet.

    • As much as I WANT to love cucumbers I just can’t do it! The flavor and texture always gets to me. I love pickles though. I’ve even added some cucumber to my fruit and veggies when I make homemade juice and I still can’t do it!

      • I think we all have those fruits or veggies that we just cant stomach… no matter how much we try to force ourselves. Mine is cantaloupe…. I just cannot do it! It totally takes over the rest of a fruit salad too.

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