Bad Tuesday. Good thrifting.

Today was kind of a bad dumb day. Sometimes I just can’t handle dealing with people. Especially a sexist individual. Holy crap I don’t know how I remain so calm some days.

I decided to blow off some steam after work and go to the thrift store! And look what I found!! I’ve been looking for one of these turtle lamps for a long time! I’ve only seen two others around Seattle and the cheapest one was $30. That isn’t that much, but I can be stingy. I found this lovely little turtle for $5!!

Brass and glass turtle.

Brass and glass turtle LAMP!

We have quite the lamp collection!  Vintage lamps and clocks are gorgeous!

Eric’s lamp from his grandpa made out of a helmet and a shell from WW1.

Chicken and banana lamp.

And of course our major award!

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3 thoughts on “Bad Tuesday. Good thrifting.

  1. I love the lamp collection and I can’t believe you have the same lamp from that movie “A Christmas Story”!

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