Maps and such.

Tonight Eric put the final touches on our route for the trip. Two more days of work!!


I bought this clear United States map that’s a sticker on Ebay. You’re supposed to put this on your car and color in the states you’ve been to. Eric and I are coloring in the states we’ve been to together.


26 states! We’ll be able to color in two more states on this trip! Tomorrow I’ll start packing. I just can’t wait!



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6 thoughts on “Maps and such.

  1. I am soooo jealous! Wish I could be roadtriping this week! Have a fun, safe trip and come by Texas way sometime 😉

    • Thanks you! I would LOVE to go to Texas! I was a crazy horse girl growing up and Texas has always been on my radar. I’m betting cowboys and chaps are quite as common in everyday life as I’m hoping there though 🙂

      • LOL! Well, we don’t really wear the hats, chaps and use our horses in our everyday life… but I can take you a few places where you can admire them 🙂 I did have the horse, growing up… but I was spoiled and it wasn’t really the “norm” for our town. LOL

  2. That is incredible! What has been your favorite state so far??

    • It’s kind of hard to say! There are things I love about every state…but I think I would have to say Utah. I love the Great Salt Lake and the desert!

      • That is interesting. That is somewhere i’ve never been… perhaps add that to my bucket list. 🙂

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