Saturday preparations.

Today was a fairly quiet day.  I slept in and then put on a fun dress for the day.

I’ve had this dress for two years and this is the first time I’ve ever worn it!

Today we also ventured down to Seattle for some baked goods where we stumbled upon a street fair in Ballard.

Wild Prairie Bakery in Ballard is fantastic! It’s great because she’s not a hippy and doesn’t put nuts or raisins in her baked goods. Finally!!…a vegan who understands my struggle!

We stocked up on some food for the trip, bought records and bought some food for the kitten.  Tonight I made vegan macaroni and cheese from a recipe I found on Chef Chloe Coscarelli’s website.   This is one of the best recipes I tried for mac and cheese, but the ONLY thing I didn’t like was how sweet it was.  The recipe calls for 1 tablespoon of agave syrup.  It was super sweet!  I think next time I won’t add any sweetener at all.  That should be perfect.

I think we’re basically ready to leave though!  After some packing and an oil change we’ll be ready to leave for sure!


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5 thoughts on “Saturday preparations.

  1. That mac n’ cheese looks pretty fantastic…

    • It’s really good! I highly recommend it! This also warms up well. Sometimes leftover mac and cheese can be pretty gross, but this is wonderful!

  2. Hi Sarah! My name is Sarah too. I came across your blog when searching for subjects surrounding PA. I’m originally from Central PA. I liked your photos and style of writing. I’m not vegan, however, if you are looking for a pen-pal in South Korea ( where I currently live) I’d be more than willing to start something up! Nevertheless, wonderfully cute blog! Take care!!

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