Starting the week off right!

I found this recipe yesterday and I thought it looked delightful!

Like most recipes I really don’t follow them. I added soy curls, corn and a heaping tablespoon of cayenne powder to the original recipe.  I also used white beans instead of lentils.  And I didn’t add the onions, garlic, mushrooms or salt. The recipe called for soy sauce, which I used tamari, and that’s salty enough without adding more salt. I let the chunks of fresh pineapple marinate with the soy curls and they were delightful!

This mix is intended to be put on wheat buns, but I’m not a huge fan of bread. I’ve really only been eating it if we go to Wayward for if I’m in the mood for some toast. I made a nice bed of brown basmati rice for my sloppy joe concoction. The sweet corn and pineapple smelled awesome together! This was a success in the Smartz kitchen!

My cute pen pal from Finland, Mari, sent me some glass beads in her last letter. I put some on a simple chain yesterday! Cute! I don’t really tan during the summer. I’m pasty white and I have freckles.

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