Vegan food swap for June.

This month I participated in another vegan food swap.  I sent a box to Jackie at Vegan Yack Attack and I received a super fun package from Melissa at Vegan Fling!  There was white pear tea, gluten free pizza crust, a bath bomb, kitty nip!, pumpkin seeds, almond butter, hazelnut butter (yes!), fruit leather and an oat bar.

She sent me quite the haul! There were a few non-food items too which are always fun!

She even sent me something local from where she lives! This was by far my favorite item in the swap box! So good! Now I’m thinking about buying a case of these for our road trip at the end of July!

I love the little card she sent too.

This tea is great! I never had the white pear tea, but I would buy this again. The subtle taste of pear is sweet enough without being overpowering!

There was even a surprise in the box of Miss Kitten!

I gave Juniper some cat nip a few months ago but she seemed shocked and appalled that I would ever try to offer it to her.  She had the same reaction this time.  Bad baby kitty!  She’s a weird one.  I had a wonderful vegan food swap though!  Even though Juniper didn’t like the cat nip she had a good time sniffing the food that was in the box!

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2 thoughts on “Vegan food swap for June.

  1. So glad you liked your food box! Sorry Juniper was offended by the cat nip, haha! Cats are really funny sometimes. 🙂

  2. My cat doesn’t get high from the catnip, rather, he begs to eat it.

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