Estate salin’!

I went to an estate sale this afternoon!  The house was huge and 102 years old!  There were at least 12 rooms!  I lost count, but the house was beautiful but the wallpaper and carpet was even better!

Look at that sectional! And wallpaper! The wallpaper was just a velvety as the couch. It was kind of tempting to buy the couch. It was only $350. I’m actually surprised someone didn’t snag that!

You could walk around the entire house at the sale. There were two floors and a garage to wander through. This was upstairs. Orange shag carpet! This house was gorgeous!

Red, white and blue carpet with gold walls and red velvet accents.

Meet the Mormons! I really wanted to buy this, but it smelled rather moldy. No thanks Mormons!

I did buy this print of a Mountie sharing salt with a fawn! The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are almost up there with cowboys in my book.

Music to Strip by! I felt kind of creepy buying this, but I got over that rather quickly. This was a strange find and for $1 I couldn’t say no!

I went to the sale after work. I told Eric all about the huge house so after we ate this afternoon we went back to the sale!

I also found this little carved bud vase with an elephant on it. There were quite a few Asian goods and maps around the house. They also had a collection of travel books. I hope they were able to see quite a bit while they were in good health.

Intricate carving.

Eric found this tiny sculpture at the sale.

He also found some vintage E.T. Christmas wrapping paper!

Did you know that I’ve never seen E.T?

My print already found a new home on my office wall!

The estate sale was awesome!  More please!

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3 thoughts on “Estate salin’!

  1. I’m so envious of your thrift store and estate sale finds! Awesome stuff, I loved looking at the photos! 😀

  2. I love estate sales. I found my old sewing machine at one. Looks like you guys found some great stuff…the ET wrapping paper is a win for sure!

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