Antiquing with a kitten.

Today we had a gorgeous sunny day.  I hopped on my red bike and went for a ride as soon as I came home from work!  Around the block from our house I noticed there was some sort of antique sale going on.  I dropped my bike off at home and grabbed my little kitten.  I thought maybe she’d like to get out in the sun for a walk…and when I say walk I mean I was going to carry her.  She does not walk on the leash.

She clung to me as we started our walk but she didn’t seem to mind it so much.  As soon as we made it to the antique sale she bellowed a deep  “MOOWWWWW.  MOOOOWWWW.”  It was rather embarrassing.  I’m really not embarrassed walking her, but her bellows were.  It sounded as if I was torturing her.  She did that 3 or 4 more times and then I decided we should head back to the house.  An old lady there said…”Maybe she doesn’t like the sun.”  Well yeah, we see the sun in Seattle 6 days out of the year so it is hard to get used to.  I walked her home and plopped her down in the grass.  She seemed happier, but she still beat cheeks to the front door.

She’s been sunning herself on the red chair most of the afternoon.  I love that little kitten!

Juniper decided to lay down on the sidewalk instead of walking on it.

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