Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Today we went to see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.  I was really really looking forward to see this movie because I’m a huge vampire fan!…Traditional vampires that is…not the Twilight vampires.  I’m in the middle of the Abe Lincoln Vampire book so I guess I had high expectations for the movie.  You should probably stop reading here if you are planning on going to see the movie, because I will spoil it for you!

Axe wielding Abe.

The axe wielding Abe was awesome!  He whipped that axe around his head and twirled it around his back like no one’s business.  But the movie really didn’t nail the book.  I’m halfway through the book and 10 minutes into the movie we were already where I’m at in the book.  They left out some key parts of the book and changed some details for no real reason.  There was also way too much CGI (computer-generated imagery) for my liking and way too may scenes in slow motion so you could see tiny splinters and blood flying.  I get it…chopping someone’s head off with an axe is dirty business…you don’t have to give it to me nice and slowly.

I guess overall I did like the movie, but I just had higher expectations for it.

The main bad vampire was a sharp dresser though!

Bad vampire, good taste.

ANNND…Wash from Firefly played Stephen Douglas in the movie!  You should see the movie though.  Or read the book!

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