Fremont Solstice Parade and Street Fair.

We ate a mound of french fries.

Fremont was packed today! We got there right after the naked bike parade ended. I don’t think we’ll ever go there on parade day again! Too many people.

Pirate ship van!  There is an Art Car show every year at the fair.

Spiderman in a gorilla mask was dancing.

This was the front of Spideman-Gorilla’s van.

Squirrel car!

I guess this will have to be my next car.

I made a few purchases at the Fremont Fair! I bought this awesome shirt with a squirrel riding a scooter on it!

I also bought this Headphone Kitty print! Hand printed by my new vegan friends!

Cheryl and her fiance own Stuff You’ll Love.  You might remember me posting about her here a few weeks ago.

Today I also finally had the chance to pick up my vase I made at my glass blowing class at the beginning of June. Juniper was very curious to see what I had.

We were both so interested to see what was inside! I think Juniper was a little more excited though.

Did you have a good weekend?  What fun things did you do?!

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4 thoughts on “Fremont Solstice Parade and Street Fair.

  1. That mound of french fries looks ridiculously good.

  2. Ah the Fremont fair sounds like a fabulous way to spend a weekend… especially with a gorilla-spiderman to entertain with fantastic dancing! We had a pretty chill weekend here, and I’m definitely not talking about the weather(106 degrees yesterday! AHHH!) BUT we DID see the new Wes Anderson flick so that was pretty sweet. : )

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