Noodles for the weekend!

On the way home from work I stopped at my favorite Asian store in Everett. The little old lady who works there always has new and fun items. I found some cashews and awesome chocolate! The chocolate was even Fair Trade.


I also bought some noodles at the Asian store. I was craving these! They’re fairly low-fat and no MSG. Juniper was curious as usual.


I bought some seitan (wheat gluten) to cook with the noodles. This was actually rather delicious!


Tomorrow Eric and I will be going to the Solstice Fair in Seattle.  What are your plans for the weekend?

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2 thoughts on “Noodles for the weekend!

  1. Mmmm, I haven’t had ramen in ages and yours looks delicious and comforting. Makes me want to have a big bowl and watch Ponyo.

    • It was surprisingly good! I didn’t put the oil packet that came with it in the bowl. It made me feel just a little healthier for eating Ramen 🙂

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