Summer travel bag or leave it for the hipsters?

I’ve been want a bag like this for quite some time.  I do have many bags, but this one is different.  This one sits nicely on your hips and you don’t have to have a bag in hand or strapped across yourself.  My only worry about this bag is if it’s too close to being a hipster item to wear it.  This isn’t your normal fanny pack though, right?  I would totally look like I should be a space cowgirl on Firefly if I had this.  When we are traveling I usually take my bag with me when we get out of the car.  And I also carry my water bottle with me.  With this bag I could strap it around my hips AND wear my CamelBak water backpack without one interfering with the other.  Then my camera would be the only thing around my neck instead of a bag and a camera strap.

I’m really trying to talk myself into this.  Thoughts?

We’re planning a really fun trip this summer!  You’ll get more info. on that when more exact locations and dates are in place, but we’re super excited about it already!  We’ll be heading to Utah once again this year.  All of me really loves Utah, part of me wants to live there and part of me wishes it were closer to a coast.

Where are you going this summer?  Seattle?  Come visit us!

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2 thoughts on “Summer travel bag or leave it for the hipsters?

  1. You should totally get one….or make one! I have made bags like these out of old fabric and belts (although they do not look as space-cowgirl as this does) I must say it is great in the summer. I hate shlepping around my backpack in the PA heat and humidity. So I say its not a fanny pack- do it!

    • I thought about making one, but I figured by the time I buy fabric and waste my time, I could just buy a super nice bag on Etsy! I might just do it!

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