Weekends are the best.

Today has been relaxing and productive.  We woke up and went to the grocery store, made food, cleaned the kitchen, I cleaned my office!, bought a few things for the house AND we made cupcakes.

I was looking out the kitchen window this morning and I saw these lovely flowers! I didn’t even know they were planted beside the house.

My tea plant has been sprouting new leaves like crazy the passed few weeks. I think there’s some sort of vine or branch popping out on the top of the plant.

Juniper is spoiled. She was napping in the sun today and then Eric brushed her. She kindly flipped over so he could brush her other side. She thanked him with a little kitty kiss.

I made chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter icing this afternoon too! I love Saturdays!

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2 thoughts on “Weekends are the best.

  1. Those cupcakes look amazing… and wait a second… tea plant? As in tea, fancy tea party, tea time, tea?

  2. Totally fancy tea party tea! I kill most plants, but somehow I kept this thing alive! It loves the warmer weather and has been growing like crazy. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to make tea from it, but here’s to hoping!

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