Chuckanut Drive, purple star fish, vintage and vegan goods!

We took a drive on Chuckanut Drive today.

You can see Puget Sound while driving on Chuckanut Drive.

We went to Larabee State Park. We were here last and discovered a fun beach park. You have to walk through a wooded area and then on railroad tracks to get to the beach.

There were some fantastic ferns along the path.

We saw some deer walking on the tracks and then they disappeared. And then we saw this. Deer on the beach! Kind of surreal.

We also saw purple star fish! I was just complaining a few days ago that I never saw a star fish!

They were big!

These guys were all over the place. We saw at least 100 of them while walking along the beach.


There were a few clumps of these sea creatures.

Look how big they are!


When we left the State Park we drove a little farther north to Bellingham, WA. There was an antique store I wanted to visit and then we stopped by the super vegan friendly Co-op for lunch. We ate a wonderful tofu sandwich, chocolate truffles, and a peanut butter rice crispy treat with chocolate on top. Goodness!

I found a few vintage appliques at the antique store that I’ll use for a crafting project I have in mind.

I think this one is my favorite.

I also picked up these super cute buttons!

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